Friday, 15 June 2012

11 April 2012 - Dinner at 진주회관 Jinju Hoegwan

Got back to Seoul and I thought of having my dinner at  Jeongwon Sundubu, which was located at City Hall, exit 9.  Yup. I went back to City Hall, exit 9 again  becos I heard Jungwon Sundubu is well known for its sundubu.   Yeah...Sundubu never fail to captivate my heart...Hur Hur...
From exit 9, turn right and you will see a road that leads to this eating place called 진주회관 Jinju Hoegwan.  It is very obvious and you won't miss it.  진주회관 Jinju Hoegwan is an eating place which is well known for its 콩국수 Kongguksu.  This was also the place which Jae has suggested last evening.   
I walked around the whole place trying to locate Jungwon Sundubu but I just couldn't find it  ㅠㅠ

The restaurant serves other dishes as well.  I wondered why 콩국수 Kongguksu is more expensive than the rest of the dishes.  콩국수 Kongguksu is the only cold dish on the menu as reflected by the word "냉".

I can see that its really a popular place.

Hmm...but why was it so empty??

Nope.  The eating place is pretty big.  It was packed inside.  I decided to settle on a table here with an ulterior motive in mind.  Yeah!  To take pictures of course!  I could take pictures without having to worry about intruding other's privacy.

Tadaaaaaa!!!  This is 콩국수 Kongguksu!  The soya bean broth is really solid!  Its not sweet, its not sour, its not bitter and its not salty.  Can I say it is tasteless???  Not really but one can taste its really made from pure soya bean.  I liked the texture of the noodles.  Very Q Q.  Still not used to eating cold noodles especially in this cold weather.  That's why I did not try 랭면 Naengmyeon in Korea!  Moreover, noodles in cold soya bean milk sounds strange to me, as well as to my Singaporean friends.  One thing for sure, Kongguksu makes a very nice healthy meal during Summer.  If Konguksu is a local food in Singapore, I think I will eat it very often!  Hahahaa

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