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11 April 2012 - Getting to Wolmido Island 월미도

Woke up early for a trip to Wolmido Island, which is located in Incheon.   The breakfast spread was more or less the same but I was not tired of it  ^^  One should always feel blessed to have food to eat, isn't it?  Moreover, I felt the food was rather nice.  

Arrived at Incheon Station.   The subway journey took 77 mins....

Incheon station was quite run down as compared to some of the stations that I went to.

You will see this as you exit from the station.  Look at the two banners on your right.  Cross the road from there and you will reach the entrance to Chinatown.  Saw the yellow banner on your left?  The bus stop is there and that's where you take the bus to Wolmido Island.

Incheon Station

The green colour building beside Incheon Station is 월미은하레일 Wolmi Eunha Rail. I read about it when I was doing my research for this trip but there's not much information on it.  I wondered if its in operation...I walked to the building but it didn't looked like it was in use.

괜찮아.   If its working, I will try both methods of transportation, ie taking the bus to the island and the rail on my way back.  Waited for bus no.2 at this bus stop.

I think bus no. 23 and 45 also go to Wolmido Island.  

Here comes bus no. 2  ^^

The bus journey to Wolmido island took about 5 mins. Alight at the last stop.  It was still early, so I guessed that's why the place was very quiet when I reached. I was not sure which direction to go after I got off the bus.  Although there were quite a few people who alighted at the same bus stop as me, but all of them went to different directions  ㅠㅠ  I decided to follow this group of 아줌마 becos they were the biggest group of people.  As you alight from the bus, turn to your left and walk straight for about 3 mins.

Walk straight.  You will pass by a few restaurants.

Past by the restaurants and you will see Wolmido Amusement Park.

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