Sunday, 10 June 2012

10 April 2012 - 서울중앙우체국 Seoul Central Post Office

Reached Seoul at 4.08pm and I rushed to the nearby post office in Myeongdong before meeting up with Jae. 

I took the escalator down to the basement where the postal service counters were located. 
 They have a few counters for parcels.

I was surprised to see reading glasses being provided.  That's really thoughful  ^^

Unlike the little space we had in Singapore, I liked their huge spacious table for packing.

The EMS shipment costed me KRW80000.  That's still much cheaper as compared to excess baggage fees.

I bought one box from the post office at Gimpo Airport and the other one was bought on the spot at the post office in Myeongdong.  Don't ask me how I carry them to the post office....I couldn't believe myself either.  Its less than 10 mins walk from Metro hotel to reach the central post office in Myeongdong. Jihye told me that I could actually call for EMS to collect the boxes from my hotel.  I may try that next time. 
One box contained my own purchase and the other box contained Ah Pau and Mr Chan's items.  Mum received these boxes about 3 working days after I posted out.  Fast and efficient.

Told myself I would buy a dozen tubes of Olive hand creams from Innisfree when I go Korea again.  I did.  There are 10 tubes of hand creams in this picture.  The other two were bought from Busan.  Should be able to last me for 6 months  ㅋㅋㅋ

Another favourite purchase.  My favourite range from innisfree  ^^ 
Bought this promotional set in Busan.  I didn't want to buy too many things in Busan becos I didn't want to carry a heavy luggage to Seoul.  The sales girl managed to persuade me to buy this set in Busan than in Seoul becos the outlets in Seoul will not be able to give me so many samples.  I paid for the price of the 6 tubes of wrinkle spot essence and the rest of the items were free.  What she said was true in some ways.  

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