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11 April 2012 - Touring around Incheon Chinatown

An auspicious wordings of "平安富贵" and auspicious lion head amidst some Korean words.
"平安" means Safe and "富贵"  refers to Prosperity/Abundant Wealth. 

Lion dance symbolised auspiciousness, prosperity and protectors against evils.

Its mid week Wednesday.  I wondered why were there so many people.

Actually, I had planned to eat 자장면 jjajangmyeon for lunch but the pearls in the Assam Milk Tea made me so full  ㅠㅠ 

"十里香" means fragrance lingers on for ten miles.

This is the reason for the long queue.  Looked like 豆沙 饼 .  I was never a fan of 豆沙饼。。。

 Samgukji Mural Street portrays famous scences from the Romance of the Three Kingdoms  三國演義.

Statue of Confucius
Confucianism is not a religion but a fundamental part of the Korean society whereby shaping its moral values, culture, the way of life, social relations between the old and young etc.  

"Book Coffee Take Out" ??

This is the cafe for "Book Coffee Take Out". 

This cherry blossom looked a bit different from what I have seen previously.
Or maybe its the Chinese Cherry Blossom?????????
Just kidding. 

Waooo..there's still a museum for Jjajangmyeon.   Interesting.

The small dog was running around like crazy.  
 It suddenly dashed out from a shop and straight towards the two dogs.

These two big trees simply caught my attention from far.

Waaooo....Awesome!  They looked like the protector for the house!

Another big dog which I saw in this trip!!
It doesn't look big in this picture but its really big.  Would be taller than me if it stand up on two!

I wanted to check out Sinpo market but couldn't find it.  I think it would be easier to get to Sinpo market if I took the subway to Dongincheon Station, exit 2.

There were many Chinese restaurants.

本土.  Very Chinese indeed...Hahaa

Beautiful dog!

Wooo..there's also a KTV here!
Its the Chinese version of "노래방 Norebang"  Hur Hurrr.. 

Chinese alcohol 

Of course, not forgetting the national animal of China.
When people think of panda, they will inevitably think of China.   

I think these are mooncakes. In Singapore, we only eat mooncakes during Mooncake festival ie Mid Autumn festival which is still several months away..
Mid Autumn festival is 추석 Chuseok in Korea and its a major national holiday.   Nah...mid autumn is not a national holiday in Singapore.

Many people bought this.

Chinese ornaments.

Yes.  中華街 refers to Chinatown.  I walked back to the entrance where I have alighted from the bus earlier on. Cross the road to get to Incheon subway station.  Chinatown is quite big and one can easily spend half a day here.  I did not finish exploring the entire Chinatown as  I felt a bit tired...  

Its time to go back...

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