Wednesday, 13 June 2012

11 April 2012- Touring around Wolmido Island 월미도

Some street food at the entrance of the amusement park.

Why are there so many bins?
Felt the urge to remove all the bins before taking this picture!  Hahaa

Well, I came to Wolmido Island not for its amusement park but rather to walk around the island.

Nice weather  ^^

Hmmm...something caught my attention....

What is "Tray Singing Room"?

Many school children were here as well. 

I wonder what are these?  Are they for human consumption??

So lovey dovey   ^^

Its a nice place to sit back and relax  ^^

Still curious what is this....?

You may not be able to see the Incheon bridge in this picture. 
 Its the thin strip behind those ships and I think its very impressive.

Specially dedicated to my Kim Kim and Moo MOoooo  ^^

Oh!  This reminds me of the folk tale,"Frog in the well".

Wolmido Amusement Park is not a very big amusement park as compared to Lotte World or Everland but its still a great place for a family outing  ^^

I don't know why I have a thing for merry go round!  Hahahaa...not this small ones.. I like the big ones. Kim Kim always laugh at me whenever we go to an amusement park becos I only go for the merry go round and not those thrilling rides.   

I saw the 월미은하레일 Wolmi Eunha Rail station at the end of the island. 
So is it working or not working??

Waoo..There's even a museum here but the place seemed so quiet. 

No..It doesn't look like one can access to the second level from here.

There's another stairway across the road.   A Korean guy tried to open the door but it was locked.  Omgg...what happened to this rail station???  When I got back to Singapore, I learnt that 월미은하레일 Wolmi Eunha Rail is currently a non-operational monorail on the island and its opening has been delayed several times due to safety issues. 

People can picnic anywhere  ^^
Since I couldn't take the monorail, I will have to take the bus.  There's a bus stop along the road but I didn't see any familiar bus numbers that go back to Incheon Station.  Hence, I decided to walk back to where I have alighted this morning. 

Making my way back....

Specially dedicated for my sweetie Yana

Smart approach to attract foreigners who don't understand Korean  ^^
I have seen a few restuarants at other places doing the same thing. 

Oh, here's the counter to purchase the ticket.  Maybe I should try taking a cruise in my next trip.

I walked back to the bus stop where I have alighted this morning.  Nope. That's not the bus stop to take the bus back to Incheon Station.  You got to cross the road and take the bus from the opposite bus stop.

I couldn't remember what bus I took to get back to Incheon Station.  I think it was also bus no.2 but this signage doesn't reflect Incheon Station.  Well, I did confirm with the bus driver when I board the bus.  I took the bus and alight at the entrance of Chinatown.

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  1. Your photos are great! I'm looking into going here this year! Thanks for the post :-)