Sunday, 24 June 2012

13 April 2012 - Nonsan Strawberry Festival

I think nobody can understand my excitement when I finally saw my dalki balloons!!  Come to think of it, I came here becos I wanted to see the dalki balloons!  Hahahaa...Ya, I know it sounds silly to you.  Well, I am happy to be able to come here.

Happy to see the balloons personally ^^

There were many stalls!  

DIY T-shirts 

Many cuties around ^^

Portable toilets.

Photo zone

Let's check out what's inside  ^^

Woww...were these for real??  I never knew there were so many strawberry festivals.

Its a mini exhibition for strawberry products.

Strawberry jams.

Strawberry snacks.

Strawberry sauce?

Woww..there's even strawberry gochujang!
Will it taste sweet or spicy?  Or sweet and spicy??

So cute!

I like this!  Simple and sweet  ^^

How I wish there's a real strawberry farm at the festive ground...
I think one can take a taxi to the nearby strawberry farms but I didn't have enough time to do so..

Not fully ripe yet.

Another photo zone

Strawberry flowers!

Although I didn't get to visit the farms, but I was contented to see these strawberries  ^^

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