Saturday, 9 June 2012

10 April 2012 - Lunch at 신보우리만두 Sinpo Woori Mandoo

신보우리만두 Sinpo Woori Mandoo!!  We decided to have our lunch before touring around the market.  Jihye said she will bring us to her favourite place to have lunch.  I didn't expect it to be 신보우리만두 Sinpo Woori Mandoo ^^   I had wanted to check out this place since my last trip because I heard the food was nice and cheap.  신보우리만두 Sinpo Woori Mandoo has many outlets in Korea.  This outlet was located inside the market.  I didn't take note of the direction though ㅠㅠ

I still prefer the humble homely type of eating outlet...If you know what I mean..

I think Jihye ordered Bibimbap, Kalguksu and Sundubu jjigae for us to share. Yes, I told her I wanted Sundubu jjigae! Hahahaa...Told you I will never ever get tired of Sundubu jjigae ^^  The fried mandoo was complimentary for one of the dish that we ordered.  It was yummy ^^

The noodles was extraordinary chewy.  MK and I totally agreed to this and we were trying to figure out what makes the noodles so chewy. Jihye asked which dish we liked best.  Its sundubu jjigae for me of course!!  I can still remember the taste till now. The beancurd was slightly burnt which gave a nice aroma and taste.  MK liked the Kalguksu because she liked noodles.  In conclusion, we agreed the food was nice and cheap.  The cost for this meal was KRW14600.  

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