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14 April 2012 - Back to Jogyesa Temple

It was around 6pm when I left Hongdae. I decided to have my dinner at O’sulloc Tea House in Insadong and prior to my dinner, I made a trip to Jogyesa Temple.

Waooo...I could see the beautiful lanterns from across the road ^^  All this while, I was thinking of visiting Korea in May becos it is the month where the annual Lotus Lantern Festival would be held in honour of the Buddha's birthday.  Of course, one can see many other beautiful lanterns during the festival. I am not sure why there were lanterns at this point of time but I was most happy to see them. I hope I can have a chance to experience the Lotus Lantern Festival in Korea one day.

I only understand the Chinese characters ㅎㅎㅎ
 "公德" refers to merits.  
공 덕 sounds like "

Was it about doing good in our life's time since Buddhists believe in Karma. What we reaped would be what we sowed.  I really wish I can understand what the Korean words mean.         

Our climate is changing for the worse...thanks to human being. The world is changing.  Judge for yourself. Is it for better or for worse?  Its getting so frequent that we see or hear ridiculous and outrageous human behaviours all around the world. Did we also unconsciously did the same thing and commit the same mistake unknowingly?

It would be nice if everyone can be compassionate, spare a thought for others and not for own selfish gains. Do you feel truly happy when you see the downfall or misfortunes of those who did not treat you kind?  No human is perfect. I must constantly remind myself to pray with love and compassion to all beings.  

Happy and compassionate ^^

"One coin can save 10 children in the Third World"
A little thought goes a long way without you realising it.

Below are a few more pictures on the same tree and lanterns, simply becos I liked them so much!  Haa!

Gratitude from the bottom of my heart for Buddha's guidance that I received in life, for which I hope I can be a better person.  感恩

Were they preparing the lanterns to welcome the Lotus Lantern Festival?

Ermm...I'm just trying to show how big this tree was.  
Somehow I have a thing for big tree canopy like this hur hurr

I really wish I can understand what's written on each painting...

I'm thankful that I was able to come back to this temple once again.
Up next is what I have been longing for a longgggg time....

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