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16 April 2012 - 산오징어 Gunsan Squid @Songpa-gu

According to my map, the restaurant which I wanted to go should be somewhere nearby. I left the walking trail and took the steps up the slope on my right. This was what I saw at the end of the steps.  

Walk past the workout area and you will reach this cafe.  Go straight and walk past the cafe.

You will reach this traffic junction. From here, you will see the restaurant as indicated by the red arrow. Cross the road where the green arrow indicates.

Cross the road as directed by the red arrows.

This is the restaurant,군산오징어 Gunsan Squid.
I gave myself a pat on my shoulder for being able to locate the place becos the online information on this restaurant was mainly in hangul. A lot of "guessing" work was involved!!  Hahaha... 

This place is well known for its 오삼불고기 Osam bulgogi (Squid and pork belly bulgogi) and 오징어 튀김 Ohjinguh Twikim ( Fried Squid). I approached the receptionist who told me the waiting time was 2 hours. 2 hours??!  안돼!  I peeped into the restaurant and true enough the place was fully packed! It was noon then. There were still many people coming into the restaurant when I left. I hoped I interpreted the receptionist correctly cos he doesn't speak English. 괜찮아 I wasn't disappointed at all becos I managed to locate this place afterall ^^  Maybe advance reservation would be advisable.

I retraced my steps to made my way back to Jamsil station.
Hmm...where should I go for my lunch?
I wasn't really hungry but I want to eat as much Korean food as I could during my stay in Korea!  

Oh, I saw them on my way back.

Heading back to the lake for a dip ^^

Was that their house?  
I saw it in movies and story books but never thought I can see a real one.  Hahahaa...again "Sua gu"...

Housings around the vicinity should be very expensive.
 I supposed the duckies' house got the best deal. 

 Free lodging with a big "pool" and great scenery!
Oh oh! Not forgetting, no parking charges wherever the house goes! ㅋㅋㅋ

정말 예쁘!  They looked like rose buds.   꽃은 무엇인가? 

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