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15 April 2012 - Touring 대관령 양떼목장 Daegwallyeong Yangtae Ranch

The taxi stopped here. 
 I didn't see any directional sign to the ranch but it seemed like there was only one route to get there.

Saw the 아줌마 on the left?  
She's heading to the direction of the ranch. It will take less than 10 mins from here to reach the ticket office.

You will pass by these stalls.

Don't understand?  Its ok.  Just follow the arrow on the signage.

Not long later, you will see this place selling souvenirs.

I can only understand 양떼목장 ie Yang Tae Mu Chang
목장 = Mu Chang and sounds like 牧场

There's only one route to the ranch.  Just walk straight.

Melting snow!   

Traces of melting snow

Wonders of nature.  A sight which I will never see in Singapore.

This is the ticket office.  They were surprised when I spoke English.  Heee...I guessed they didn't expect to see a foreigner travelling alone  ^^

My ticket.  The admission fees is only KRW3500  ^^

My journey into the ranch starts from here  ^^

 English country songs filled the air which largely contributes to the ambience  ^^   

Saw the blue roof??  That's where the sheep were kept.

The blue roof that we saw just now was beside this red building. Some people chose to check out the sheep first, while some chose to take a stroll around the place first by walking uphill.

Good sunny weather with cool breeze  ^^

A group of young Koreans asked if I could take a picture for them. I felt the surprise in them when I said," One, Two, Three". They said, "Thank You" and giggled as I left.  Hahahaa...They didn't expect to see a foreigner all alone here. 

I can imagine how it looked like when the green pasture comes alive once again.
 It would be nice to see the sheep grazing on the grassland. 

Other than English country songs, English oldies were also played.
The music came from the speaker box on the right in this picture.

Walking around the ranch is quite relaxing.  My original plan was to check out Samyang Ranch which is nearby but a bit further away from the bus terminal.  However, I learnt that the shuttle bus within the ranch will not begin operation until the end of every April. It could get a bit challenging to walk around the entire Samyang Ranch without the shuttle bus. I told Jae I will take up the challenge in future after I checked out 대관령 양떼목장 Daegwallyeong Yangtae Ranch. Really hope I can visit Samyang Ranch one day becos I wanted to see the windmills!!

Actually, the slope was not as steep as it seemed to be.

This rustic wooden shack is a favourite spot to take pictures.

I probably took a much longer time to reach here than anybody becos I was too preoccupied in taking pictures of this beautiful place. Ermm...Ya..All my pictures are almost similar but I don't care!  Hur hurr

I wondered what it means...

Its really nice to sit here looking at the clouds above.   我喜欢蓝天白云....  Its actually a sunny day!  Blame it on my lack of knowledge in photography!  

Making my way down.

안녕 ^^
I liked her hairstyle!

She's the photographer for her parents!

Well, not these two ladies but I saw a few Korean ladies wearing high heels walking around the ranch.  Really salute them.  How did they managed to walk in heels on such uneven grounds???  I would definitely walk like a penguin if you asked me to wear heels and walk around here..

I love the clouds...

What's this for??  Any purpose??

Swing on a slope!!
 I wanted to try but I didn't, just in case the tree couldn't take my weight!!  Hur hurrr

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