Friday, 27 July 2012

17 April 2012 - Touring around 허브 아일랜드 Herb Island

I walked around the place and saw Santa.  *Blur
It was April, Dec 2012 is still more than 6 months away and Dec 2011 was 4 months ago!!

Trying to adjust my mindset.

Felt as though I was part of some fairy tales. 

Those colourful houses looked so cute!

Although the place appeared deserted and outdated, but I could imagine the nice ambience during winter. Hmm...It would be a great place to spend a lovely white Christmas. I don't really celebrate Christmas but I like the spirit of giving and sharing during this festive season.

I love the blue sky and clouds above.

Gosh...Santa had been hanging there since last Christmas!

I walked out the place and left Santa behind.
Where should I go from here?

Looking down to decide where should I go...

So many cars but I can hardly see anybody...Where did everyone go???


I walked around the place and keeping a look out for some herb restaurants. Time check was about 12.45pm. Online information stated there would be a bus departing from Herb Island for Pocheon at 1.50pm.  Hence, I constantly reminded myself to give ample time to find the bus stop becos the time interval for bus no.57 was an hour.  It was only now at this very moment when I was typing this post, I realised I made a mistake. The online information was outdated and I didn't bother to go through the brochure until now  -__-
Lesson learnt.

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