Friday, 6 July 2012

15 April 2012 - Quick lunch at Hoenggye 횡계

It took me about 90 mins to complete touring the ranch and it was about 12pm then. I called the taxi uncle as I made my way back to the entrance. Hmm...he seemed to understand what I said. Probably I was the only foreigner whom he has encountered in the last 3 hours. I waited at the same place where he dropped me. A taxi pulled up in front of me 5 mins later. The taxi driver came up to me and asked if I called for taxi. Let's call this taxi driver as Uncle A. I shook my head becos he was not the taxi driver who drove me here. You may ask what if my taxi uncle did not come as promised, then I would have missed a precious chance of getting a taxi. Frankly speaking, there was a moment where I felt I should just take this taxi and returned to the bus terminal becos there was hardly any taxi around. It was a passing thought. Somehow I trusted that my taxi uncle will turn up and I didn't want him to make a waste trip. While I waited for my taxi uncle to come, a nearby stall vendor told me to take a look at his products and feel free to take as many pictures as I wanted. My camera battery was flat so I had to change my battery before going over to his stall. Just as I was changing my battery, Uncle A came up to me again. He wanted to pass me his mobile phone to speak to somebody. Oh!! I suddenly understood why he did that! I took out the name card of my taxi uncle and showed Uncle A. He smiled and nodded his head. My taxi uncle has asked him to come and pick me up. I got on his taxi and he drove me to the bus terminal. From our conversation, Uncle A was able to understand a little English.

The journey back to the ranch was only 5mins. I reached the bus terminal at 12.10pm and bought the bus ticket back to Dong Seoul bus terminal.

It was 12.15pm and my bus will depart at 12.45pm. I decided to have lunch at this small eatery next to the bus terminal. They have only three dishes, namely Kimchi jjigae, Kalguksu and Seafood pancake.

I ordered Kalguksu thinking it would be be fast to prepare.  I waited for about 10-15 mins before my noodles was served. Always give yourself ample time to eat and visit the washroom before your departure time.  This Kalguksu tasted different from the Kalguksu that I ate before.  It had more veggies and I loved it!!  It tasted very homely ^^

Does it looked like our 板麵??

The uncle who cooked the noodles came up to my table with this bottle of 한국야쿠르트 when I was finishing up every bit of the soup.  I was totally lost for words!!  That's so nice of him! He simply placed the bottle on my table, smiled and walked out the eatery!!  It doesn't need much to be said to be kind to others. It may be a little act of kindness but it touched me deeply.  I can only say to him," 정말 고맙습니다".

Here come my bus back to Dong Seoul Bus Terminal.  It arrived at 12.45pm sharp. There's a public washroom next to the bus terminal.

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  1. what's the difference of this place with eco green park? where's the windmill?