Thursday, 26 July 2012

17 April 2012 - Touring around 허브 아일랜드 Herb Island

Entrance into the Greenhouse, which was also one of my favourite place in Herb Island.

Rosemary!  One of my favourite essential oil.
Yup.  I smelled Rosemary the moment I entered ^^

I love the Greens and flowers!

Its pretty warm inside the Greenhouse.

Educational tour?

Wow..I have never seen this type of flower before..

...And so I took a lot of pictures of it.


Absolutely amazed by the stem of this plant or should I say its a trunk of a tree?
How did it grow into this manner??
Was it natural?? 

Lovely!  I think a lot of effort had been put in to maintain the beautiful flowers and plants.

So cute and pretty!  They looked like little lanterns to me!
It was also my first time seeing this type of flower.

Abutilon is the name.

Don't know why, I just feel they looked like some insects or sea creatures.. 

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