Monday, 30 July 2012

17 April 2012 - A quick peep at Korea University

I took the subway from Uijeongbu station to Anam station to check out the neighbourhood of Anam, and was surprised to see these housings along the way from Uijeongbu station.

I decided to drop by Korea University since it is also located in Anam.  I walked straight for about 2 mins from exit 3 and saw the university on my left.

In my personal opinion, Korea University is a bit different from the few Korean universities which I have visited. I did not tour around the entire university and only took a quick glance of the place. It may not have very beautiful building structures like Kyunghee University. It may not have very beautiful landscape like Ewha Womens University but  Korea University gave me a feeling of being down to earth and studious. Well, this was just my personal feeling deprived from my 10 mins visit of the university compound.

I was reminded of good old school days whenever I see students sitting on the stairs.

I like the name for this statue, "The Sweet Time".
Well, its time to search for "Biya" 비야 and "With Chicken" 위드치킨, which were recommended by some bloggers.

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