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15 April 2012 - Getting to 반포대교 Banpo Bridge

It was about 7.30pm when I took the subway to Express Bus Terminal, exit 8 for Banpo Bridge 반포대교.  Many online information stated that one can take exit 8-1 or 8-2 to get to Banpo Bridge.  I tried but it led me to nowhere cos the place was undergoing some renovation works .

This was what I saw when I came out from exit 8.  I had no idea where should I go from here since I didn't see any directional sign to Banpo Bridge. I asked a few young people and even showed them the words," 반포대교".  They knew Banpo bridge but looked around and wasn't sure where it was. Should I give up and come another day??  NOOOoooo...I didn't want to give up! The fourth person whom I approached was a middle age Korean lady in her office wear.  She knew the place and directed me to the bridge!  Her English was quite ok. I felt so grateful to her.  
Ok back to exit 8, face the main road. Turn to your left and walk straight for about 3 mins where you will see the MEGA box on your left.

As you walk striaght, you will see this signage across the road on your far right, in your 2 o'clock direction. Both Banpo Hangang Park  반포한강공원 and Banpo Bridge 반포대교 are in the same direction. Simply find your way to get to that direction!

For me, I walked past Mega Box and took the underpass to get across.  There was some renovation works going on in the underground when I was there but the direction was very clear.

Saw "반포대교" on the ceiling just before I exit.

Simply walk straight as directed after you exit.  The main road will be on your left.

Just continue to walk straight all the way...

This reminds me of the drama, "부탁해요, 캡틴" 
  "You have. I have." as conversed between the captain and co pilot.
So what's "We've" ?

You will see some residential blocks across the road.
Suddenly, I felt I was back in Singapore walking around Mountbatten as I walked along this road!

You will also pass by Family Mart which is shown on the right.  As seen in this picture, there's a bus stop in front of the Family Mart.  From this direction, I could only see bus no. 405 and 143.  Did I took bus no. 406 from here in my previous trip???  I keep having the impression that I took bus no.406 back to Myeongdong after visiting Banpo Bridge last year. The road looked familiar but then again, everything looks the same to me in the dark.  Hahaha...Seriously, I couldn't recall there's a Family Mart here.  Jae brought me to take bus no.406(I think so) back to Myeongdong after we visited Banpo bridge. I was too busy talking to him and did not take note of the surroundings.  All I can remember was bidding bye bye to Jae and taking the bus in the dark back to Myeongdong.  Hahahaaa...

Walk on.

반포대교!  Yup!  I'm getting nearer ^^ 
This piece of big stone will be on your left, somewhere in the middle of the main road. 

You will see this underpass on your right.  I took the underpass instead of using the traffice lights(If any).  It took me about 10 mins to reach here from the first underpass.

Yup!  I remembered this long underpass.  At the end of the underpass, I passed by some walls with graffiti on them.  If I did not remembered wrongly, I turned to my right after emerging from the underpass. 

Saw this luminous building when I exit.  What building was this?
I kept to the 1 o'clock direction after I came out from the underpass. 
I thought I heard some music from somewhere and I followed my heart to wherever it led me to..

Hee...I was glad that I trusted my heart. I could see the familiar spacious ground from a distance.  Needless to say, I could feel myself smiling from ear to ear as I walked towards the bridge.  The fountain has started which I had expected becos it was about 8.20pm when I reached here.  Yes, I'm back.
同样的地方,可不一样的心情. 此时此刻的心情除了
想念还是想念. 真的好想念, 好想念蓝天白云...

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  1. Hello, is it Banpo Hangang Park where you finally saw the rainbow bridge?