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15 April 2012 - Getting to Dong Seoul Bus Terminal

좋은 아침입니다! My itinerary for the day was 대관령 양떼목장 Daegwallyeong Yangtae Ranch and followed by Banpo Bridge in the evening. Yes, I will be going to Banpo Bridge, a place that I loved so much ^^
Had my breakfast in the hotel room to start the day. I wanted to catch an early bus from Dong Seoul Bus Terminal to 횡계시외버스터미널 Hoenggye Inter-city Bus Terminal. I took the subway to Gangbyeon Station, exit 4 for Dong Seoul Bus Terminal.
I reached Gangbyeon Station at 6.40am. 
 Get out from exit 4 and cross the road.
Cross the road to get to the bus terminal.
This is the bus terminal.  
Enter from the main entrance as shown by the arrow.
I saw these counters after entering the building. I didn't bother to check out which counter to buy my ticket cos there were just too many Korean words ㅎㅎㅎ I simply went up to any counter that was available! 
Hahaha Please pardon me and let me know if I had did it wrongly ㅎㅎㅎ I have to take a bus to 횡계시외버스터미널 Hoenggye Inter-city Bus Terminal and will take a taxi from the bus terminal to 대관령 양떼목장 Daegwallyeong Yangtae Ranch. Hence, I wrote "횡계" on a piece of paper to show the counter staff, just in case I mispronounced the words. 횡계 is Hoenggye. The counter staff understood immediately and issued me with a ticket.
My ticket to Hoenggye Inter-city Bus Terminal cost KRW13800.
The bus will depart at 7.10am.
It was 6.51am. 
 I still have time to go to the washroom.  
Walk straight from here till the end and the bus bay will be on your left.
The washroom is also nearby.
Checking out for my destination.  
Nope its not here, so I moved on to the next platform.
Hmm...Sokcho. It will be one of the places to visit in my next trip. Although it was stated on my bus ticket that the bus will be at platform 3, but none of the destination on the signage is heading to 횡계. I asked a man who seemed to be a bus conductor and he told me to wait around at platform 1.
Platform 2.  Nope not this platform as well.
I did not see "횡계" on the signage at platform 1. The bus conductor did not forget about me. He gestured me to go to the main road and called out to a stout guy standing beside a bus. 
Later on, I got to know that this guy happened to be the bus driver for the bus to 횡계. He told me to get on the bus after checking my ticket. Thanks so much to the bus conductor and my bus driver. Although they could not speak English, but I really appreciate the fact that they paid extra attention to me, knowing that I am not local. 
The bus conductor gestured me to this bus along the main road. Check with the bus conductor if you are not sure which bus to board.
Yes! 횡계.
 I knew this bus will make a stop at 진부 Jinbu. 
Yup.  This was the correct bus ^^
My seat no 5.  
I was the first to board the bus. There were very few people taking this bus. The bus driver also play the role of the bus conductor for this bus.  횡계 here I come!
I thought there would be only one toilet break at 진부 Jinbu but it turned out that the bus arrived at 장평 Jangpyeong Bus Terminal at 9.01am. The bus driver went down for a smoke while other passengers board the bus. The bus set off at 9.15am. It reached Jinbu at 9.27am and reached its bus terminal, 진부공용버스정류장 at 9.30am. Again, it picked up other passengers and set off again at 9.39am. The bus reached 횡계 Hoenggye at 9.52am and reached Hoenggye bus terminal at 9.54am. Errmmm...yeah..You can say that I had too much free time to take down all these small details. Hahahaa...Well, I just wanna make some notes for myself.


  1. Hi, do you know how long does it take from sokcho teddy bear farm to Daegwallyeong Yangtae Ranch? Will it be better to go sokcho first or later if I start from chuncheon station. Thanks ^^

    1. Hi. I'm not sure either but probably u need to take bus from sokcho bus terminal to Gangneung bus terminal and from Gangneung to Hoenggye bus terminal. From Hoenggye bus terminal, take a taxi to the ranch. U may want to check with KTO on this.

  2. Hi.
    Can i check with you, is there any stopovers for toilet breaks from Dong-seoul to Hoenggye bus terminal?
    When i reach Hoenggye terminal, can i take the free Yeongpyeong shuttle bus to Alpensia ski resort? Is the distance near? How long does it take?
    Or is there any town buses which can reach Alpensia ski resort?
    Appreciate your reply! Thanks in advance. :)

    1. Hi Christine, based on my last paragraph, there were 2 stopovers. One was about 14mins and the other was 9mins. I think it may also depend on road conditions. I read somewhere from one blogger that there was only only stopover. I have not been to Alpensia ski resort so I think I am not the best person to advise on that. You may want to check with KTO :)

  3. Hi
    May i know what time is last depart from Dong-Seoul to Hoenggye ?

  4. Wow, I didn't know there was a "special" platform for Hoenggye...

  5. Hello! do you know if they still have regular trips to Hoenggye on July? Thank you!

    1. Hihi. So sorry for my late reply. I'm not sure but I believe there should still be regular buses to Hoenggye

  6. Thank you for the very informative blog. Very useful information for my upcoming trip to Yong Pyong Resort. Keep on blogging.