Sunday, 15 July 2012

16 April 2012 - Getting to Jeongdok Library

After a good lunch, I made my way to Anguk station, exit 2 for Jeongdok library.
Walk straight from exit 2. This was just a slope which I passed by.

I reached the Information Centre and obtained this map.  I realised the route from Anguk station, exit 2 to the Information Centre was the same route which I took to Bukchon Hanok-gil last Autumn.  The first red arrow indicated where I was coming from.  Follow the red arrows as shown on this map. You will reach another Information Centre.  Jeongdok Public Library will be behind this Information Centre. The pink arrow shows the direction to Bukchon Hanok-gil.  Remember Donmi Pharmacy 약국? The red dotted line shows the direction into Bukchon Hanok-gil.

Following the map, I took the zebra crossing right outside the first Information Centre.

Walk straight.  I was holding up my big map trying when two friendly tourist guides in red jacket approached me and asked where I wanted to go.  Hahahaa..Yeah...I was in the correct direction.

I took about 5 mins from the first Information Centre to reach the second Information Centre.  Make a right turn at the second Information Centre and you will see this.

Walk up the slope and the library would be on your left.
You may wonder why I came here. You will know why in my next post.

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