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16 April 2012 - Getting to Seokchon Lake

Had an early breakfast at the hotel before I set off for Seokchon Lake in Songpa Naru Park. The itinerary for the day was 석촌호수 Songpa Naru Park (Seokchon Lake), Jeongdok Library, Samcheong dong and Yeouido.  Its another day dedicated for the beautiful cherry blossom  ^^

Nicee  ^^

I took the subway to Jamsil Station, Line 2, exit 2 or 3. Couldn't remember exactly which exit but there will be directional sign to direct you to Lotte World. Seokchon Lake surrounds Lotte World.  For those who are not into amusement parks can still enjoy a leisure stroll by the lake without the need to pay for anything. Yes, its free!!  I simply adore the parks in Korea!  Big, spacious, beautiful and peaceful!!  I will never be able to find that in Singapore since we have very limited lands. Anyway, you will see Lotty from far as you exit from the subway station. You can't miss the big statue ^^  While Lotty is the main character for Lotte World, Lorry is his girlfriend.  They are the mascots for Lotte World. Cross the road and walk towards the direction of Lotty to get to the lake and Lotte World. 

I crossed the road and was welcomed by two rows of cherry blossom trees lined along the road.  Let me tell you this was not even the beginning of the lake!!!  Very few Koreans stopped by to admire the beautiful cherry blossoms. Guessed they were used to the beautiful scenery.  Only tourists like me who will never have the chance to experience this back in our homeland will stop to take some pictures.  Ehhh..I did not take a few pictures. I think I spent at least 20 mins along the short pavement trying to capture the beauty of these flowers. Seriously, I can even feel myself smiling for the entire 20mins as I took these pictures. Yes, beautiful flowers and trees made me very happy but I don't like the idea of plucking them off the trees. Let them bloom and shine on Mother Earth during their short life span.

안녕 Lotty!  반가워요 ^^

My heart was filled with so much excitement as I saw the flowers among the green leaves!  I have never seen a combination of cherry blossom with green leaves. You can say I'm being ignorant or "Sua Gu" in Hokkien. Whatever! I don't care!  The beautiful colours combination was more than words can explained.  

It was also my first time to see brown leaves with cherry blossoms!!  너무 예뻐!
Its so amazing!! me at least!  Hahahaa...

Walked straight and the lake will be ahead.

What flower is this??  Its so pretty!!

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