Friday, 27 July 2012

17 April 2012 - Herb Bibimbap for lunch

I completed touring around the place at about 1pm and decided to have a quick lunch at this herb restaurant ^^

The menu looks good ^^

Order your food here and make your payment at the same time.  This guy can speak some English.

This would be a perfect place to have afternoon tea.

Therapeutic for the appetite, heart and eyes ^^

Ahh!!  What a rosy ceiling ^^

Rosy ambience

Waiting for my number to be called.

귀엽다 ^^

Ermm...he was distracted by me cos I made funny faces at him!

I have my mind set on Herb Bibimbap since the day I included Herb Island as part of my itinerary ^^

Including the calorie counts is very useful for those on diet ^^

No. 26!  That's my number ^^
There were many people eating here!  I was so surprised to see the people becos so far I have yet to see more than 10 people. The waiting time was not long, I waited for about 10 mins before my number was called. 

Heheeee... 먹고 ^^

My pretty meal  ㅋㅋㅋ

Its so delicious!

Its almost 1.30pm. The bus to my knowledge at that point of time will be arriving at 1.50pm...Okay, time to say bye bye to Herb Island. 

In my personal opinion, it is not worth to travel all the way from Seoul to visit Herb Island. Herb Island is not an Island but that was not the reason why I felt it is not really worth visiting. I knew it was not an island when I was doing my research.  There was nothing much to see and the place needed some touch up badly. Nevertheless, I liked the Greenhouse and the Herb Restaurant, and really appreciate the travelling experience from Seoul to Pocheon. Well, that's not the end of my day trip to Herb Island.  Something unforgettable happened. I will explain in my next post.

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