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16 April 2012 -Lunch at Tobang 土房 (Insadong)

I decided to take the subway to Anguk station, exit 6 to have my lunch at Insadong becos my next destination would be Jeongdok Library, which was somewhere in Samcheongdong, exit 2. Entering the street of Insadong, I was attracted to this humble restaurant becos of the words "土房".  "土" means mud/soil, while  "房" means room.  Hmm..mud room??  Of course not. I knew there's a eating place called "Tobang" in Insadong and it was well known for its low prices. I concluded  "土房" is also Tobang becos they sound almost similar! Hahaha..
To reach here, walk straight for 2mins after you enter the street of Insadong. You will see Tobang or rather "土房" on your left.

Very affordable prices! I decided to go for dried pollack soup 북어국  since I have not tried it before. Most importantly, it didn't look like it has any beef contents.

 I took this picture when the crowd left.  It was packed when I arrived.  
Yeah, I am very happy whenever I get to eat on a bapsang 반상 ^^
By now, I'm used to remove my shoes whenever I see bapsang! Hahaaa!

The crab reminds me of Ganjang gejang 간장게장 (crab marinated in soy sauce) but this crab was spicy.  Was it marinated in some Gochujang?  Yes, its raw and I didn't really eat it....

So this is dried pollack soup!  I had this in Eunhyejeong 은혜정 before. 
 Dried pollack is dried fish.  I think this soup can be a hangover cure as well.
Light but tasty.
  맛있다 ^^

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