Tuesday, 3 July 2012

15 April 2012 - Getting to 대관령 양떼목장 Daegwallyeong Yangtae Ranch

First thing that I did when I reached Hoenggye Inter-city Bus Terminal, was to check out the bus schedule for my return trip.  Okay, I shall target to leave at 12.45pm for Dong Seoul Bus Terminal.

Entrance of the bus terminal.

Where the bus ticket was sold.  

I think this place is something like a taxi company.  Its opposite the bus terminal.  Simply cross the road.  If I'm not wrong, there's no bus to Daegwallyeong Yangtae Ranch and I didn't want to try walking to the ranch.  Taxi is the best and only option for me.

Ya, this was the place where you buy your bus ticket.

Reached the ranch. 
I wrote "대관령 양떼목장 Daegwallyeong Yangtae Ranch" on a piece of paper and showed it to the taxi driver who understood right away. It took about 10-15mins to reach the ranch and the taxi fare was less than KRW8000. I knew I made the right decision by taking a taxi when I saw the route from the taxi.  Nope..I don't think I want to walk alone...
Just before I alight the taxi, I asked the taxi driver if he could pick me up two hours later.  He gave me his name card so that I could call him when I'm done. Our conversation was yet another "Chicken and Duck" situation but we understood each other. Hahahaa...You may also want to do the same if you are coming by taxi becos I can hardly see any taxi around.


  1. OMG! U don't know how much ur entries about this whole journey to this ranch help me in planning my itinerary. Will be going there next week. Thanks to u, its no dream for me!

    1. Hi Bibie. I'm glad my entries are useful to u. It will definitely be a beautiful dream to come true next wk ^^ Have a wonderful time & enjoy ur trip!