Tuesday, 10 July 2012

15 April 2012 - Taking bus no. 406 from Banpo Bridge

I took the same route back. This was the underpass we took to take a bus after we went to Banpo Bridge.  Yes..I remembered it was very cold then..

I walked straight and came to this point where I need to cross the road over to my left.  Hmmm....I think Jae and I crossed this road too.  I was trying to recall whether this was the route which Jae has showed me previously.  Saw the red arrow?   That tall building looked very familiar to me.   

Remember that bus stop in front of Family Mart?  Yup, I crossed the road and walked passed that bus stop.  Actually, I was hoping to take the bus instead of taking the subway back to my hotel but I wasn't sure if this was the correct bus stop.

I checked the bus routes again.  Hey, I saw bus no.406 this time!  It was on the other side of the board. One side was the bus routes for bus no. 405 and 143.  The other side was the bus route for bus no. 406.  So there's bus no. 406 afterall!  

The green arrow shows my current location. The purple arrow shows Lotte Young Plaza 롯데영플라자. The orange arrow shows Woori Bank 우리은행 which was also near my hotel, Metro Hotel. I remembered Jae told me to alight when the announcement on the bus annouced "Lotte Young Plaza".  Should I missed this stop, I can still alight at Woori Bank.  I think I'm on the right track...It was 50/50 for me. 

Not long later, bus no.406 arrived. I board the bus with feelings of uncertainty and anxiety!! Hahaha..cos I'm not good with directions at night.  Heck...I will take a taxi if I really lost my way.  Anyway, the bus route shows that this bus was heading towards the direction of Seoul station and Namdaemun, which are places not far from Metro Hotel.

I remembered Jae told me that the bus will pass through a tunnel. Yes, this bus did passed through a tunnel which made me feel kinda assured and was able to relax a bit.. When the bus went through a second tunnel, I got uptight again! Hahahaa..I didn't remember going through two tunnels when I took the bus previously.  I tried to stay calm and alert throughout the bus journey until I heard the announcement " Lotte Young Plaza".  I think there was a LED screen to show the next destination but I didn't take note of that.  

I heaved a sigh of relief when I alighted at the bus top opposite Lotte Young Plaza.  
The bus journey took about 20mins.

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