Sunday, 15 July 2012

16 April 2012 - Pretty rice cakes at 빚은 Bizeun

I made my way back to Anguk station, exit 6 to check out one of the street in Samcheongdong.  Saw this art work along the way.

Saw 빚은 Bizeun at the corner of the street. Bizuen sells Korean traditional ricecake. I have long wanted to check out this brand.

I ordered an ice green tea shake.  While waiting for my drink, I asked the staff if its ok for me to take pictures.  She smiled and nodded her head.

Pampered for choice.  There were so many varieties!  

They are just too pretty to be eaten up!

How can one bear to eat them???  

I think a lot of effort was put in just to make a single piece of tteok. 

I felt like buying all of them!  Then again, I will usually end up buying nothing whenever there's too many choices available. The urge of buying some back to Singapore was there but the thought of my tasteless tteok which I have tried in Nonsan made me consider again. If only I have known not all tteok are tasteless, I would have bought at least one box!

Muffins?  They looked yummy!

They looked like ice cream mousse to me ㅎㅎㅎ

I ended up with only one cup of green tea shake.  Hey, this was so niceeeee and refreshing!!!!  I liked the milk in this drink. Green tea is my favourite. That's one of the reason why I hoped to visit Boseong Green Tea Plantation one day!

My green tea shake at KRW4000.


  1. how do we asked in korean if we can take photo around ? hope i'm not asking stupid question :P

  2. Halo! That's not a stupid question! I wasn't confident of my Korean so I used the common universal language - "sign language" by holding up my camera and ask in English!! Hahhaa They will understand :)