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16 April 2012 - Back to Yeouinaru

I took the subway to Yeouinaru station station, exit 2. Remember I came to Yeouinaru station exit 3 on 12 April?  The cherry blossoms have yet to bloom then.  Obviously, I was astonished with what I saw this time.
Basically, you can see three types of people here. The first type would be people like me busy admiring and taking pictures of the cherry blossom. The second type would be the cleaners who were busy sweeping up the flower petals. Lastly, the third type of people would be those rushing for time and trying to get out from the crowd.

I decided to take a stroll by the Han River. Oh am I right to say that's the Han River?? Please correct me if I am wrong. 

I was just as curious as him!  What made the water skipped in this manner?

He caught my attention from far! He is so cute, isn't he??
 Hmm...he resembled a Korean actor in some ways. 
 Oh ya!  His cute round face and curly hair  ㅋㅋㅋ
So which Korean actor comes to your mind??

Jeong Jun-Ha 정준하!!
They shared some resemblance 그렇죠??
Jeong Jun-Ha just got married with his Japanese girlfriend of 4 years in May.
축하한다 ^^

Picture was obtained from Jeong_Jun-Ha

He's so cute!
The more I look at this little cutie, the more I feel he looked like Jeong Jun-Ha.  

A clean park needs everyone to cooperate. We should learn from them.

Glaring sun rays in a late afternoon.

It had always been my wish to come here for a stroll and admire the Han River. Most thankful that my wish has been fulfilled today. Greedy me hope to be back again for the beautiful night view of Han River.

I love this place.  Its a great place for relaxing and dating ^^

Koreans like to play stone skipping.  I also wanna try one day  ㅋㅋㅋ 

Nice place for dating ^^

I never thought I could ever walk under this bridge and look at it in this manner.  Awesome.

Will the water level reach so high?  What's that marking for?

Korea has so many bridges along the Han River. Was that 서강대교 Seogang Bridge in the background?  Please correct me if I am wrong.

Somehow I was being reminded of the ancient stone structures in Gyeongju!
Forgive me for my ignorance!
Anyway, was that a BBQ pit??

죄송합니다.  Didn't mean to intrude their privacy. I only wanted to capture this sweet moment shared between a couple in love.  Its not unusual to see this in Korea which was actually quite surprising to me. When I first visited Korea many years ago, I don't remember seeing couples expressing their affections for each other in the public. From my observation in these two trips to Korea, I felt that Korean couples are very romantic. I am referring to dating couples.  Why do I say so?

I always see couples having a long “bye bye session” when they are bidding good bye to each other. Such scenes are very common in the subway stations. The couple will look lovingly into each other's eyes for a long long time and couldn’t bear to part each other.  Once I saw a couple parting at the exit of the subway station. I think they took at least 10mins to disappear from each other's sight. Looking at each other with tender love and care, distance between them went apart centimetres by centimetres.. It felt as though one of them was going away for a long time.  Yeah, I really stay to observe becos I find that’s so sweet.  I’m not used to it becos such loving scenes will not appeared in Singapore. Was it due to the drama effect or Koreans are romantic people?  Initially, I find this long “bye bye session” a bit dramatic. Gradually, I grew to like it and it made me wanna fall in love in Korea as well.  Hahaaa..  

Aside from the ups and downs, and other realistic aspects in a relationship, I think Korea is a very romantic place to fall in love and being in love.  My friends can never understand why I like Korean guys so much. Many people said Korean guys are male chauvinists and some even beat up their girlfriends or wives. Yeah perhaps, but I still like Korean guys a lot and I believed I will not meet someone who will beat me up. Anyway, I despised guys who hit girls. 
Well, it doesn't mean that non Korean guys will not beat their girlfriends/wives. It also doesn't mean that non Korean guy will not be a male chauvinist, right??  Male chauvinist is not an issue for me. Okay, some girls will probably shake their heads and call me an useless bum.  Well, as long as I’m happy, isn’t it??  If you ask me why I like Korea so much, the only reason I can give myself is, perhaps I was a Korean in my past life! Hahahaa..

People at different age groups have different ways of showing their affections for their partners. There are also people who are not good in showing their love and appreciations for their love ones but that doesn't mean they love their partners any lesser. Whatever it is, I wish all couples happiness, stand by each other in times of good and bad, and grow old together just like the old couple whom I encountered at Songdo Beach last year.

As much as I saw many loving couples, I did see a few sad faces here as well. In my personal opinion, this place makes a great hangout with lovers and friends but not for those who just fallen out of love.  

I wish I had a pair of plastic boots too!

Saw some cherry blossoms and decided to walk up. 

Yup, I will rent a bike and cycle by the Han River one day!!

I think this is cheaper compared to the bicycle rental charges in Singapore.

Its the Yeouido Cherry Blossom Festival. Gut feel told me that something was wrong somewhere. Although there were cherry blossoms by the two sides of the road, but those small cherry blossom trees didn't seem to justify for a CHERRY BLOSSOM FESTIVAL that was taking place. The doubt was at the back of my head till my last few hours in Seoul..

Its a choice between 닭꼬치 Dak-kkochi and churros.

Its churros for me of course ^^  Yummy!

That's cheap.  Two roasted chicken for KRW10000 but you can also buy one chicken at KRW5000.  

I felt a bit tired and decided to walk back to the subway station.

Cherry Blossom on the extreme left, bare tree branches in the middle and trees with green leaves on the extreme right.

Yeouinaru Station, exit 2 on the opposite of the road.

Exit 3 on this side of the road.

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