Friday, 13 July 2012

16 April 2012 - Lost in fairyland

Follow the signage and it will lead you to the lake.

My eyes twinkled with delight the moment I stepped into the place ^^

I think I'm lost..lost in fairyland..
The place was sooo sooo beautiful!

It was around 10.30am when I reached.  Please go much earlier if you want to take pictures of the cherry blossoms. I had a hard time trying to take pictures of only cherry blossoms for this walking trail. Its impossible to take a picture without having anyone in the background.  The place was simply swamped with people!  

Yeah...its a repeated scenery but I can't help it!!  

This was the best that I can achieve!

I love these yellow flowers ^^

Don't fault me! Don't complaint! Don't yawn!  Skip this post if it bores you! Yes. I'm greedy. Its the same background scenery except that the pictures were taken at different angles. Its really hard for me to decide which picture to upload. Cherry blossom as the background enhanced the overall theme of Lotte World as a magic Island.

I believed it would be a different feeling to take a stroll here during the different seasons.
Spring = Romantic
Summer = Life
Autumn = Peace, tranquil
Winter =  Indifferent; devoid of feelings
* My personal interpretation

I saw a few couples taking their wedding shots in this trip. Spring and autumn are the most beautiful and romantic seasons to get married!  I wish them a blissful marriage with everlasting love, trust and faith for each other in times of ups and down. 축하드립니다!

*Picture captured by my iphone using Instagram

Perfect place to admire the surroundings and passers-by.
Seriously, I could sit here for hours if I did not have to proceed to the next destination. I did not finish the entire walking trail becos the place where I wanted to have lunch was nearby. It is a popular restaurant which specialised in squids. Nope. Not those live squids!  No way...

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