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14 April 2012 - O’Sulloc Tea House in Insadong

I walked back to Insadong for my dinner at O’Sulloc Tea House.  Yes. You hear me right.   Thanks to my late lunch, I finally have the chance to eat at O’Sulloc Tea House! Heheeeee....Cos the tea house offers only beverages, cakes, ice cream and cookies. I love green tea a lot and have been thinking of checking out this place since my last trip.  Along the way, I stopped to watch a band performance. I couldn't remember what songs they performed but it was English songs. They were pretty good but I got distracted when some weird 아저씨 came along ...

This 아저씨 suddenly went up and sat down in front of the band.
* Picture captured by my iphone using Instagram

The 아저씨 stood up and danced.  Another 아저씨 soon joined in. They meant no harm and were probably indulging themselves in the live band, but I would prefer to listen to the band performance without the two 아저씨 dancing becos the dance and the songs just couldn't compliment each other -__-

The first level at O’Sulloc Tea House features on their merchandise such as green tea leaves.  The second level is the cafe.  I ordered a Green Tea Cheese Tiramisu and one of their special tea, Ouk Su Jin and was impressed by their simple yet delicate presentation.

My long awaited Green Tea Cheese Tiramisu!!!   Many bloggers mentioned it was difficult to remove the  clear acetate cake wrap around it.  Me too, was trying my best not to spoil my cake while removing the wrap. It was quite difficult until I discovered a tab that made my job so easy.

The tricky wrap.

Yummy!!!  I actually also wanted to order a Green Tea ice cream but decided not to when I think of my calories count....
*Picture captured by my iphone using Instagram

Ermm....I got hungry in my hotel room that night and decided to finish up one of the donut which I bought from Dunkin Donuts for breakfast tomorrow. Sigh...calories count...hur hur...But this strawberry cream cheese donut was awesome!!!!  Seriously, I hardly eat and never craved for donuts when I'm in Singapore until I see this picture! ㅋㅋㅋ  *배고파

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