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16 April 2012 - Streets in Samcheongdong

I walked back to Anguk station, exit 6 to get to the place that I wanted to check out.  It was one of the more obscure street in Samcheongdong. Subsequently, I got to realise that I didn't have to walk back to exit 6.  You will see why.
Anyway, I walked straight for about 2 mins from exit 6, where I saw Miss Lee Cafe on my left as shown by the red arrow.  I walked towards the area as directed by the green arrow.  That's where I crossed the road to get to the opposite side.

Cross the road.  If I did not remember wrongly, you can see "Twosome Place" on your right from here.  미안. I did not capture it in this picture.

Follow the red arrow and walk straight.

Huh???  Did I saw Jeongdok Public Library???

Felt as though this place was kinda off the beaten path from the tourist spot.
I enjoyed walking along these high stonewalls and cobbled pavement.

Green Food Zone sounds good.  What is actually "Green Food Zone"?
Just how big is the area of coverage?
This was not the first time I saw this signage in this trip.  

My pictures in this post will be quite uninspiring but it was nice walking around the place. 

Walking around the area.

Quite a number of eating outlets can be found here.

Long queue but I didn't went up to check out what was the food that caused the long queue. 

The big flower pots was the reason for this picture  ㅋㅋㅋ

Out from the alley and I saw this familiar place!!!
I was back to Jeongdok Public Library once again.
Nevermind, I got to know this area a little bit better...

I crossed the road, walked straight and past the library.

Walking around aimlessly.

Many interesting shops but I didn't went into any one of them.  Most of the shops looked expensive but its interesting to look at the different displays.

Girls' paradise  ㅋㅋㅋ

Going retro?
"My Little Pony" used to be one of my favourite cartoons when I was young.

Saw a Saju cafe across the street but I didn't went in.

Out from the street and saw the National Folk Museum of Korea across the road. Okay, I knew where I was since I walked along this road last Autumn.

Its interesting to look at these trees in different seasons, especially for someone like me who will not get to experience the four seasons back in my own country. The road was lined with trees in their changing foliage from green to orange when I was here last Autumn.

I made my way back to Gwanghwamun station.  It would be a 10-15mins walk.

Flour based food...hmm...

I always find Koreans are very lucky to have beautiful parks.
I saw a couple having their dosirak here.
To me, that's nice even if its just a simple dosirak.

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