Friday, 17 May 2013

10th April 2013 - Should I or should I not???

I walked to the bus stop,"한라 병원 Halla Hospital" to take bus no.1100 to Yeongsil. This should be the bus time table for bus no. 1100.  It looks like they have additional bus trips from 1st April till 31st Oct. I reached here before 10am but the bus arrived at 10.12am. If I did not remember wrongly, the bus fare should be KRW2500.  There were very few passengers on the bus. I think there was English announcements of the bus stops. I got worried when I see the gloomy sky above... 

I reached Yeongsil ibku 영실 입구 at about 10.45am. However, this is not the bus stop. I got off at the next bus stop,"Yeongsil Ticket Window" at 10.52am. I went to the washroom before I embarked on my hiking trail. 

It was very cold...

I don't remember seeing any directional signboard.
 Fortunately, I met a nice Korean lady who showed me the way.
Just follow the red arrow. 

Only me, myself and I...
I started my journey at 11am.
I could hear the wind howling. 
It felt kinda scary becos there was nobody around.

The road looks ok to walk right?  But it was not that ok.
Much effort is required especially as the road gets steeper.
It was really really cold and the weather looked bad.  

어떻게?  Should I continue to walk or turn back??

I thought I am already on Yeongsil hiking trail but NOOOooooooo...
This is not even the beginning of the hiking trail!

I reached here at 11.21am. One more kilometre to go.  
Somehow, I felt my ears were painful.  Why is that so?

Turn left and the carpark is ahead.

There is an eatery here at the carpark.

I reached this carpark at 11.30am. You may want to go to the washroom before your hike becos there is no washroom along the hiking trail until the resting point(I think).

This is the entrance for Yeongsil trail. The sky looked rather gloomy with occasional rays of sunshine. Should I cancel my hike?  I was very reluctant to give up just like this but it is not advisable to hike in this weather ㅠㅠ
A few elderly came out from the trail and one of them told me something like,"추위 추위. 가지마." Oh my god...Even the Koreans said it was cold and told me not to go up.  Should I or should I not??

I could not decide whether to cancel my hiking trip a not, so I decided to check out the trail behind the signboard.

Take note of your time.

Yup. I am right.  

The little trail led me to a temple. 

Do you think I cancelled my hiking trip or I went ahead with it??


  1. ah its a nice surprise, when I saw your new wallpaper ^^ !!

    1. Hahahaa thanks. But I am not very satisfied with it. Hope it doesn't make u giddy after viewing.

  2. hi, can i know whats the temp on this day that u hiked?
    im doing the same hike on the same day... but 1yr later.

    1. Hi Doreen. Oh dear, I can't remember last year's temperature on that day. I can only remember it was cold especially when I get to the top becos it started to drizzle.