Sunday, 12 May 2013

9th April 2013 - At 섭지코지 Seopjikoji

There was no bus to reach 섭지코지 Seopjikoji. We can either take the same bus to a bus stop nearest to 섭지코지 Seopjikoji and take a taxi from there, or to take a taxi from 성선일줄봉 Seongsan Ilchulbong straight to 섭지코지 Seopjikoji. We decided to take a taxi straight to 섭지코지 Seopjikoji. We got on a taxi at 3.50pm and reached 섭지코지 Seopjikoji at 3.58pm. The taxi fare was KRW5000.
It was a bright sunny day but believe it a not, it was also very cold!  

So happy to be back once again ^^ 

Can you feel my joy  ^^
I could feel myself beaming with joy and happiness when I saw the beautiful sea of rapeflowers ahead!

You are the reason for my Jeju trip.
You are the reason why I am back at 섭지코지.

For a change ㅋㅋㅋ

It was time to make a move....
안녕...My beautiful rapeflowers ㅠㅠ
There were a few taxis in the car park but none was available. I bought a drink from the convenient store and requested the store vendor to call a taxi for me. I realised in Korea, you will not be informed of the taxi plate number. Unlike in Singapore, whereby we will be given the vehicle plate number so that we can identify the taxi when it arrives. The taxi arrived shortly at 5.05pm and I wonder where it came from..

I asked 춘희언니 from Jeju KTO office how should I tell the taxi uncle to drop me at the bus stop for bus going to Jeju City. Her reply was, "제주시로 가는 버스 정류소에 가 주세요". It means "Please drop me off at the bus stop bound for Jeju-si". However, our taxi uncle was not very sure where is the bus stop ㅎㅎㅎ Although he was not sure, he helped us by asking a lady at the bus stop to make sure that we got on the correct bus at the correct bus stop. I am so grateful to his kindness. 아저씨 정말 감사합니다. This was the bus stop we took our bus back to Jeju si. We reached this bus stop at 5.15pm and the taxi fare was KRW4000 by meter.
I bought another T money from the convenient store opposite the bus stop becos I lost my T money.  The cashier told me they did not have T money card but only this.  I did not want this becos I could not hang it at my mobile phone.  Well, I guessed I have no choice. This is better than having to prepare cash for my bus fare. 
The time table at the bus stop.
Since we were at 고성리 Goseong ri bus stop, I think the next bus will arrive at 5.29pm and should reach Jeju si at 6.52pm. Yes. Our bus arrived at 5.29pm sharp but we reached Jeju City Bus Terminal at 7.07pm.  Yup. George and I bade good bye to each other at Jeju City Bus Terminal. I was not hungry, so I decided to head back to my hotel instead of having dinner outside.
Hahaaa...a good excuse for late night supper with Dr You since I didn't have my dinner. I bought this from Lotte Mart and thought I better finished it before flying to Yeosu.


  1. Omg i really love your travel blog! Really thank you for sharing about your Jeju trip! It has been a great help in my itinerary planning.

    I'll be visiting Seopjikoji and Seongsan Ilchulbong this April. Understand that i'll need to call a cab from Seongsan Ilchulbong to get to Seopjikoji. But just wondering, are there any standby cabs around for the tourists? do the people there speak english? if not, how did you say "Can you help me to call a cab to XXX" and managed to get a cab?

    1. Hi "Silly Minz" ^^
      Thanks for dropping by my blog. I dun see the queue of taxi waiting but there will be taxi every now and then. So I think getting a taxi is not a problem. At certain attractions, you may see taxi parking at a parking lot(without any passengers) but this does not mean they are available. They dun speak much English. Jeju is getting more touristy so if u go to tourist attractions, u dun have to worry too much abt language barrier. Gestures and "sign language" will do hahahaaa. Just remember to write the places you wanna go in Hangul. Have it in big fonts cos sometimes the elderly may have to strain their eyes to read. You can show this "택시부르는 것을도와주시겠어요?" to whoever u need help to call for taxi. Than they will probably ask you where. Just show them the name of the place in Hangul. For myself, I just say in English. I think the ahjuma and ahjussi will understand cos of the word "taxi" ㅋㅋㅋ

  2. Thanks for your good I information. I will be in Jeju next month. How long do you think it will take if I visit Udo Island, hike up Ilchulbong and also visit the church at Seopjikoji? Can I do all this say from 12pm to 5pm? I plan to visit Manjanggul in the morning. All transportation will be by bus. Except maybe taxi from Ilcbubong to Seopjikoji by taxi as you recommended.

    1. Hi David. I spent about 4 hrs on Udo and I find it a bit rushing even though I did not manage to check out two of the places on the Udo tour(하고수동해수욕장 Hagosudong beach 河高水洞海水浴場 and 서빈백사 (홍조단괴)Seobinbaeksa 西濱白沙). Personally, I would prefer to spend at least half a day on Udo. On second thought assuming there's no changes to the Udo tour, I am not sure whether will anyone check out the beaches during winter lol U can try to squeeze in all the 4 places and bearing in mind to make it for the last ferry. Do take note that all the infor I have posted was the infor I got 2 years ago, not sure if there's any changes now or whether is there a different time schedule for the ferry/Udo tour bus during winter time. I'm so envy of your trip! Have fun!