Sunday, 12 May 2013

내가 저녁 식사 (Singapore)

Today, I got the mood to make my 주먹밥 and 찌개  ^^

I seasoned the cooked rice with sesame oil and salt.
Followed by mixing some roasted black sesame seeds, seaweeds and chopped cucumber into the rice. 
 Added some mayonnise tuna in the middle and shaped it into a ball.

I made two variations.  One with tuna and the other with chopped fried bacon. 

The ones covered with seaweed contained the chopped bacon.  
I need to add more tuna in future.

My 참치 베이컨 주먹밥 with 돼지고기 김치찌개 for dinner.
Satisfied with my Kimchi Pork Jjigae but I hope to learn the authentic cooking from a Korean next time ^^  
I want to try making 고구마 라떼 soon ^^

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