Thursday, 9 May 2013

9th April 2013 - At Jeju Bus Terminal 제주시외버스터미널

I took bus no. 502 from the bus stop, "남녕고 Namyeong High School" to Jeju Si Bus Terminal.
Directions to the bus stop from my hotel as mentioned

This is the bus route for bus no. 502.
Oh, there's a camera installed on the bus.
Come to think of it, do we have camera on our public buses?

Reached 제주시외버스터미널 Jeju Si Bus Terminal.
The building has a unique structure which I can easily recognise it from a distance. You can either use T money when you board the bus or pay cash at the counter for your ticket. Ask the counter staff if you are not sure which platform to take your bus.

As usual, I will try to take pictures of the bus schedules or bus routes.

I boarded the bus bound for the East Coast (Dongilju) at platform no. 4 at 10am. I used my T money for all my bus rides in Jeju. Same thing, tell the bus driver your destination when you got on the bus.  He will press the amount payable for you to pay. My bus fare to my first destination, 만장굴 Manjanggul was KRW2000.

Frequent bus intervals. 

I found a seat on the left.  About 40 mins later, I saw the beautiful coastline.  
You should really find yourself a seat on the left by the window and you will not regret ^^

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