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11th April 2013 - Udo tour

Good weather but cold due to the strong wind.

An 아저씨 came up to me and gave me a massage on the shoulder. He was joking and laughing with his group of his friends mainly 아줌마, and he suddenly turned to me. He did not realised I am a foreigner and asked jokingly, "좋지?" I don't know whether is it appropriate for me to reply, "좋다" but I did ㅎㅎ  He meant no harm I think..

He was so surprised that I am actually a foreigner and asked the usual questions such as, where am I from etc  He asked me to join him and his friends. I thanked and rejected him politely ㄱㄱ The arrow is pointing to the island tour bus ticket counter. Just walk straight and it will be on your right.

우도 牛島 or Cow Island has its name because it looks like a cow lying down. Before I began my updates on Udo island, I must thank The Lost Wonderer for her informative blog, which had been a great help for my Jeju trip ^^  Thank you!

That's the ATV!
It looks fun and I wanted so much to try on it but I think I better not.

The island tour bus counter is opposite this shop. Well, its not captured in this picture.

관광버스 sounds so much like the pronounciation in Mandarin, 觀光巴士。
This is the island tour bus ticket counter.
Yes, I decided to take the tour bus since time is running out.

The bus tour cost KRW5000.

The staff told me to take this bus.

It was 12.56pm when I boarded the bus. The bus was almost full. The bus driver doubled up as the tour guide. The introduction was in Korean so I did not understand what he was talking but he was very expressive. I could not find any English website on Udo island tour. There was no English brochures about the island tour at 성산항 Seongsan Port either. I saw this schedule on the bus and figured that it should be the four different tourists attractions included in the island tour.
  1. 지두청사 (우두봉 ) Jiduchungsa  地頭靑莎
  2. 동안경굴 (검멀래) Dongankyeonggul  東岸鯨窟
  3. 하고수동해수욕장 Hagosudong beach  河高水洞海水浴場
  4. 서빈백사 (홍조단괴) Seobinbaeksa  西濱白沙
I think 출발시간(분) means the "minutes" that this bus will arrive at the attraction. Hence, the first stop being 지두청사 (우두봉 ) Jiduchungsa 地頭靑莎 should arrive at every 20 and 50 mins. 마감시간 막차 refers to the last bus. Therefore, the last bus to arrive and depart from 두청사 (우두봉 ) Jiduchungsa 地頭靑莎 should be 4.50pm. I might be wrong becos the bus did not arrive on time at all! It wasted so much of my time...hurrr...You will see why in my next post.

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