Sunday, 26 May 2013

11th April 2013 - Ferry to 우도 Udo

Time for me to get to the ferry.
Omggg...I hate to get out of the building becos it was so cold!

I caught sight of the ferry time table between 성산항 Seongsan Port and Udo near the ferry.
This is a general guide cos it does not state the additonal trips during the peak season. many people returning from Udo.
I think I am so late ㅠㅠ
Oooppss...which ferry should I take?
Fret not becos those guys (as shown by the arrows) will guide you if you are not sure.
They will also need to check your ferry ticket before you board the ferry.
They directed me to take the ferry on the right.
Remember to keep your return ticket well ^^

You can drive your own vehicle to the island.

I went to the upper deck to catch the sea view.

Ehhh...the moment I reached here, my fear of height crept in though it was not that high.
Keeping my distance away from the side...hahahahaaa

Many Koreans started to attract the seagulls by waving food at them.
Wowww...I was so engrossed and forgotten to take a picture of that moment.
But they really come close enough ^^

An unforgettable experience with the Koreans ^^
I think I am the only 외국인 on board but I like! 

Getting ready to disembark.
The trip took about 15mins.
I couldn't even feel the ferry is moving.

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