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11th April 2013 - Getting to 산굼부리 Sangumburi crater

I asked the counter lady which is the bus bay for 산굼부리 Sangumburi crater.  Hahaha
That saved me some time to  figure out the bus routes! 

A quick snapshot of the main bus routes before I board my bus.
There are still a few bus routes which I didn't take pictures of.

I have to take the bus bound for 번영로 Beonnyeong-ro to reach 산굼부리 Sangumburi crater. Hence, I waited for my bus at bus bay no. 3. Sometimes, the bus driver might not be there but passengers can board the bus if the door is open. Since I am using my T money, I waited for the bus driver to be back. If you have bought the bus ticket from the counter, you can simply get on the bus.

I saw a stretch of cherry blossom trees between Jeju University and Jeju International University along the bus journey. 
It should be an awesome sight when the flowers are in full bloom....

Board the bus at 9.28am and reached the bus stop,"산굼부리 Sangumburi" at 10.09am.

This was what I saw after I got off the bus.
Errmmm...where should I go from here?

There is no need to cross the road after you alight. You can either walk left or right along the road after you got off the bus and you will see the dome shaped thing as shown.  Either way will lead you to the ticket counter but it would be slightly nearer if you turn to your right.  I think if you enter from the left, you will reach the carpark first.

You will see another dome shaped thing on your right.

Entrance to 산굼부리 Sangumburi crater. 

Relieved when I know I am on the right track.

I saw a Korean eating 찐빵 (Steamed red bean bun)!! My favourite!
So I checked out this store to see if they have any 찐빵  ^^
You will see this store after you have your ticket checked.

Yes! They have 보리찐빵 Steamed red bean barley bun ^^

The red bean paste is not sweet but a bit saltish. 
좋아 ^^
Are all the red bean food in Korean somewhat salty??
Cos this is my second time to eat a saltish red bean bun.  
The first time was at Nami Island.

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