Friday, 24 May 2013

11th April 2013 - At 산굼부리 Sangumburi crater

Glaring sun but it was cold!

미안 해요. The picture is a bit blur.
I only know how to use my camera in auto mode...
A variety of rare plant-life in the crater.
Well, I don't think I can see any wildlife from here.

A close up

I was the only one here!!
It felt most relaxing to be here, away from the daily working life.

Perfect ^^

Actually, there is nothing much here but I really enjoy my leisure walk around the place ^^ 

Personally, I think it is not a good idea to wear heels here...hmmm..


I think there is a legend about this deer statue.

오모! I thought cute Korean guys only appeared in dramas hahahahaaa
OMGggg they do exist in real life!
They are soooo cuteee hahahaaa
You won't find them in Singapore for sure.

More visitors as noon approached. I am glad that I reached here early.

안녕 산굼부리.
It was time for me to proceed to the next stop,가시리 Gasiri.


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