Monday, 20 May 2013

11th April 2013 - 국수 for breakfast ^^

Itinerary for the day includes 산굼부리 Sangumburi crater, 가시리 Gasiri and 우도 Udo Island. I took bus no. 502 from the bus stop, "남녕고 Namyeong High School" to Jeju Si Bus Terminal. Directions to the bus stop from my hotel as mentioned here. I reached the bus terminal at 8.50am and the counter girl told me that next bus departing for 산굼부리 Sangumburi crater is at 9.28am. Great!  I can have my breakfast before taking the bus. She also told me the next bus will be at 10.28am, hence the bus interval is every hour. I don't have any bus ticket to show you becos I used my T money.  

The lightings at Jeju Bus Terminal was rather dim. I saw two eateries in the terminal. Both eateries looked kinda deserted but not really. I chose to have my breakfast in this eatery cos it offers more variety hahaaaa

Rather cozy.

1) 콩국수 Kong Guksu (Soy milk cold noodle soup) KRW5000
2) 김밥 Gimbap (Korean sushi) KRW1500 for a roll
3) 국수 Guksu (Noodle soup) KRW3500
4) 냉국수 Neng Guksu (Cold noodle soup) KRW4000
5) 비빔국수 Bibim Guksu (Spicy cold noodle) KRW4500
6) 고기 국수 Gogi Guksu (Pork noodle) KRW4000
7) 비빔밥 Bibimbap KRW5000
8) 순대국밥 Sundae Gukbap (Blood sausage soup) KRW4500
9) 순대백반 Sundae Baekban KRW5000 
Sundae Baekban is new to me. I wonder how it looks like. I always love Korean baekban but I only notice this on the menu after I ordered my 국수 Guksu ㅠㅠ

Well, no regrets for this piping hot bowl of 국수 Guksu.
 It was just plain guksu but it tasted good ^^

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