Wednesday, 1 May 2013

8th April 2013 - Getting to 정방폭포 Jeongbang waterfall

Ok, back to my itinerary on 08/04/2013. 

As illustrated by the blue arrow, I walked from my hotel to take a bus to 정방폭포 Jeongbang waterfall. I will need to take a bus bound for 서귀포 from the bus stop, "한라 병원 Halla Hospital". 

Cross the road, turn to your right and walk straight.

You will pass by here.  Ermm...can't remember whether is this a school a not...

Walk straight and you will see the bus stop.

New Manhattan Hotel is opposite the bus stop, "한라 병원 Halla Hospital".

Here comes my bus, 516. I board the bus at 10.26am and the fare was KRW3000 becos I told the bus driver my destination is 서귀포. Come to think of it, do I need to pay KRW3000 cos I will alight at the bus stop, "World Cup Stadium". Oh by the way, one need not tap your T money again when you alight the bus becos you will tell the bus driver your destination and he will tell you how much to pay.  The amount payable will be reflected on a screen near the cash box or the T money device.

I noticed there is only one door, so passengers will board and alight using the same door. I think this bus also goes to Jungmum Resort cos the bus arrived at the bus stop for Jungmum Resort at 11.10am.

I reached this bus stop, World Cup Stadium at 11.19am.

There is an E Mart beside the bus stop.

On the left of the bus stop will be a taxi stand.
I took the taxi for 정방폭포 Jeongbang waterfall at 11.21am.

The taxi ride took about 10 mins. 
 Taxi fare was by charged according to meter reading, KRW5600.
This is the car park of 정방폭포 Jeongbang waterfall. 

Some stalls selling souvenirs and food at the entrance.


  1. Does the bus drivers in Jeju speak English?

    1. And also does their taxi drivers speak English too?