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8th April 2013 - Lovely rapeflowers near 산방산 Sanbangsan

Yes, the rapeflowers!
This is the other reason why I came to 산방산 Sanbangsan ^^
The rapeflowers can be seen at the bottom, near the surroundings of the mountain.

Fields of rapeflowers were scattered at different corners.  

Poor rapeflowers...Everyone including myself were excited to take pictures with the beautiful fields of rapeflowers as the background. However, behind each beautiful scene of rapeflowers were trails of trampled flowers. Maybe the authorities can consider having some photo spots?

The surroundings of Sanbangsan is very beautiful and serene.  
I wish I have more time to check out the place ㅠㅠ  
I will come back if I have the chance to visit Jeju again!

I walked back to the carpark.
The red arrow is pointing to a bus stop but this is not the bus stop for me.
Just walk towards that direction.

The bus stop for me to take my bus back to Jeju City is shown by the yellow arrow.
It is hidden behind the trees.  

This is the one, a bus stop without shelter.
  It is opposite that bus stop with shelter as shown by the red arrow.

The bus route and time table for this bus stop.
The first bus starts at 6.21am and the last bus leaves at 9.36pm.
The bus interval is 20 mins. personal experience said this is not the case... ㅠㅠ

I reached this bus stop at 5.55pm becos the next bus is supposed to arrive at 6.15pm. was freaking cold as evening approached...

I took pictures of the surroundings while waiting for my bus.
This picture was taken at the bus stop with shelter. 

Both sides of the road were lined with rapeflowers ^^

This winding road is behind the sheltered bus stop.
  It will take about 5 mins to reach the rapeflowers.
I was super tempted to check out this place but I think I better not.
The last thing I want is to miss my bus!

My bus was supposed to come at 6.15pm but there was no sight of the bus at 6.15pm. I began to worry becos there was hardly any taxi as well. I was very certain that I did not miss any bus. I can call for a taxi if the office is still open...My last resort will be to seek help from the locals to call for a taxi. As I was thinking of the different alternatives, I saw this bus coming up from the winding road. Oh, please let this bus be my bus! Buses and trains in Korea are very punctual but so far, I think the buses in Jeju are not always that punctual. However, I do not advise you to take any chances.  

Yes! This is the bus I have been waiting for!
It arrived at 6.21pm.
Punctual a not, I thank god you arrived....

The bus fare was KRW3000 becos I told the bus driver that my destination was Jeju si.
Will it be cheaper if I have mentioned ""한라 병원 Halla Hospital"?

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