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8th April 2013 - At 산방산 Sanbangsan

The taxi uncle quoted me a fare of KRW10000 from O'Sulloc to 산방산 Sanbangsan instead of using meter. 좋아 although I was not sure whether was that expensive a not. I was just glad to have a taxi. I boarded the taxi at 3.20pm and reached 산방산 Sanbangsan at 3.33pm. This taxi uncle also propose a package tour to me at the price of KRW50000.  His package includes the current trip, another mountain(can't remember the name) and a return trip to Jeju City. I rejected his offer though ㅎㅎㅎ

Hmmm...doesn't sound friendly huh ㄱㄱㄱ

Can't wait to check out the Yongmeori Coast 용머리해안!

Oh, they have separate admission fees for 산방산 Sanbangsan and 용머리해안 Yongmeori Coast . KRW1000 for 산방산 Sanbangsan and KRW2000 for 용머리해안 Yongmeori Coast , if you just want to visit either one of them. It will be KRW2500 if you visit the two places together. If I did not remember wrongly, there is also another ticket counter at 용머리해안 Yongmeori Coast .

The Noble Eightfold Path in Buddhism.
"Right Thiking"??

That is where I want to go later!

And the journey began...가자!

Feels strange to work out in front of the buddha statue..

Well, the journey up was not very difficult but can be tough for people with knee cap problem.  

Reached the second altar. I wonder what the Koreans do when they reach the altar.


Waaa....So pretty ^^

I was surprised to see the flowers although this was the one and only tree with full bloomed flowers ^^

Reached the third altar.

Any idea what is this for?

Beware of falling rocks.


I supposed they are installed to catch the falling rocks.

Reached the fourth altar.
Come to think of it, did I reached the fifth altar??

Sanbanggulsa Grotto 산방굴사. 
I always feel it is amazing to have a cave inside a mountain..
That is one of the reason why I wanted to come here after I saw the picture online.

I took a few sips of the water.  Simply refreshing!
Can you guess where the water comes from?

The water drips down from the top of the cave ^^

A close-up

I made my way down back to the entrance to check out the 용머리해안 Yongmeori Coast.
At the entrance facing the carpark, on your left is an office(can't remember if this is also the ticketing office) where you can check the bus timetable. The staff can speak English. Hence, I suggest that you can check your bus time table or make any enquiry before you venture up to Sanbangsan or out to the Yongmeori Coast becos the office close at 5pm.  Fortunately for me, I saw this office just before 5pm. The lady staff showed me where to take the bus back to Jeju city. 감사합니다 ^^

The bus time table.

I wanted to catch bus that departs for Jeju City at 6.15pm. 

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