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11th April 2013 - Beautiful 지두청사 (우두봉 )

The city tour bus left shortly after we got off.  
Assuming I have the correct interpretation... 
It was almost 1.20pm when I reached here.  
Fine, that means the next bus no. 17 will come along at 1.50pm??

The first stop on the island tour was 지두청사 (우두봉 ) Jiduchungsa 地頭靑莎.
The tour bus turned into a carpark and I saw a sea of yellow from a distance! 

Hohooooo so excited!
Instead of heading to 지두청사 (우두봉 ), I walked towards the yellow field ^^


I felt the rapeflowers were prettier in Udo than the ones in Jeju becos the rapeflowers in Udo were more concentrated. Whereas the ones that I saw in Jeju were more scattered.   This is not a very big field but its so lovely!

I walked towards 지두청사 (우두봉 ). Actually, I have no idea this is one of the attractions, 지두청사 (우두봉 ). I did not do much research on Udo becos I couldn't find much information in English about the city tour attractions. Despite that, I thought this place was kinda familiar. Yeah, I came across this place on the internet and this was the place I wanted to visit ^^

Very strong wind here..

That's 성선일줄봉 Sunrise Peak/Seongsan Ilchulbong!

Saw the yellow fields there?
I want to go there!! I want to be there!!!
But I didn't ㅠㅠ 
ㅠㅠ ㅠㅠ

It was rather steep up there.

It was time to go back to the carpark for my bus. 

There is an eatery near the carpark. 
I saw one of Udo's specialty here.  
우드 땅콩 아이스크림 Udo peanut flavoured ice cream  Woohoooo
Great! I still have time for a cup of ice cream ^^
I wonder what is the second option, 제주백년초아이스크림.  
Was it cactus flavoured ice cream?
The third option is 제주감귤아이스크림. 
 I think that is citrus/orange flavoured ice cream.

Peanut flavoured ice cream at KRW2000.
This ice cream does not has the creamy texture which I preferred.
Tasted ok but not as fantastic as I thought.

Bought these snacks becos I heard that Udo peanuts are extra crunchy and nice.
I agreed they tasted yummy but felt that the comments were kinda overstated.

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