Thursday, 2 May 2013

8th April 2013 - At 정방폭포 and 천지연폭포.

Ticket to the fall.


I wanted to check out 정방폭포 Jeongbang Fall becos it is the only waterfall in Asia that falls directly into the ocean.

I didn't try the raw abalone though...

You got to have proper footwear here!

I love it here ^^

Maybe it is just a waterfall but personally, I feel its worth the trip.

They love it here ^^

The next destination will be Cheonjiyeon waterfall 천지연폭포 but there is no bus from Jeongbang Fall 정방폭포 to Cheonjiyeon waterfall 천지연폭포.  I took a taxi to  Cheonjiyeon waterfall 천지연폭포.  There were two taxi in the carpark but they told me there is no taxi in this carpark.  Maybe they were on call.  One of the taxi uncle told me to walk out the main road to take a taxi.  After walking for 2 mins, I managed to get on a taxi.

Reached the entrance of Cheonjiyeon waterfall 천지연폭포. The taxi ride was only 7 mins and the fare was KRW2400. The taxi uncle asked for my next destination after Cheonjiyeon waterfall 천지연폭포. I told him O’sulloc 설록차 뮤지엄 오설록 and he said there is no bus to O'sulloc. I knew that so I agreed to his offer to take his taxi to O'sulloc. We agreed to be back at the same place 45 mins later. Actually, he suggested me to be back 30 mins later but I thought 45 mins would be a safer choice. He was right. It took me about 35 mins to check out the fall and back at the carpark.

Ticket to Cheonjiyeon waterfall 천지연폭포.

I am thankful to have such good weather ^^

For a moment, I thought it was Autumn!
May this couple have a blissful marriage  ^^
They are from Hongkong.

Well, nothing fantastic about 천지연폭포 Cheonjiyeon waterfall but the surroundings was quite nice.  I came here becos it is near 정방폭포.

Phototaking with hanbok...


Sob...The cherry blossom were gone...

They are so big!  I wanna hug them!!


  1. the weather is so good ? the photos turn out so bright & cheerful!

  2. Yup! It was bright, sunny and cooling!

  3. Thanks you so much for sharing. Planning a trip and your info matched my it. ^^

  4. Hi Moonmoon. U are most welcome. I received a lot of help from other bloggers as well ^^