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8th April 2013 - At O'sulloc & Innisfree cafe

I didn't know the taxi uncle waited for me while I checked out 천지연폭포 Cheonjiyeon waterfall.  I got back to the taxi at 1.10pm and reach O'sulloc at 1.35pm. The taxi fare was KRW21700.

Finally, I am here ^^
I wanted to come here becos I like green tea and its almost the same area as my next destination, 산방산 Sanbangsan.

I went straight to the cafe ^^

Green tea roll looks like a popular choice.  It was nice but not enough to have that "Wowww Yummy" taste. I couldn't remember the name of my drink.  Was it something like Jeju milk tea?  It has red beans and I love red beans!  Nice ^^

  Little Red Riding Hood  ㄱㄱㄱ
She's so cute ^^

I am not a fan of museum but I like this tea packaging.

Yes!  One of my favourite Korean brand.  I didn't know they have a cafe.
I was full from drinking and eating but I wanted to have something from the cafe.

So I decided to check out the tea plantation first.  It was just beside Innisfree cafe.

I guess I can't have both the beauty of full bloomed cherry blossom and green tea at their best at the same time... 

Can't wait to visit Boseong Green Tea Planation ^^

"아빠 엄마, don't leave me alone here..."

I walked back to Innisfree cafe for a drink.

The fruits looked so tempting!!

Fell in love with this place immediately cos I have a soft spot for such pine wood furnitures. 

Bright and spacious place.
A section of it was used as cafe and another section to sell their facial and cosmetic products

Their menu looks good ㅠㅠ  Sigh...I wish I could squeeze in more food!

For a moment, I thought they gave me a mobile phone ㄱㄱㄱ

I haven't get the chance to eat 한라봉 in Jeju so I ordered the Jeju Hallabong Tea. KRW6000.  Its so so niceeeeee ^^
Once again, I wish I did not eat at O'sulloc

I went to the observatory above O'Sulloc cafe to have a look before I head out to 산방산 Sanbangsan.  안녕오설록...
I took another taxi to 산방산 Sanbangsan becos the previous taxi uncle couldn't wait for me. However, he was very nice. He told me where to take the taxi to 산방산 Sanbangsan (but I got a taxi immediately after I came out from O'Sulloc).  He also tell me there is a bus from 산방산 Sanbangsan back to Jeju City.  예. 알겠습니다 ^^

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