Sunday, 19 May 2013

10th April 2013 - 올래국수 에서 맛있는 돼지고기국수

We took the taxi at 4.05pm and reached here about 20-25mins later.
Yup, the taxi uncle brought us to this eatery, "올래국수".

They served 3 types of noodles, 돼지 고기 국수 Pork noodle, 멸치 국수 Anchovy noodle and 비빔국수 Bibim guksu. It was only 4.30pm but the place was packed. Are they having dinner?

오모! 진짜 맛있네!!
This is so delicious!!  More delicious than the pork noodle I ate a few days ago
The serving here was very generous but more fatty meat which I did not eat ㄱㄱㄱ
Yes, ask the local especially the taxi drivers for good food recommendations ^^

Facing the road, we turned left from the shop entrance and walked straight to reach the main road.

We turned right and saw Jeju Grand Hotel across the road. Jihye said Jeju Bus Terminal is not far from here so we decided to take a taxi from here.  However, as soon as the taxi turned right/left(can't remember), I saw my hotel!  Hahahaaa we bade goodbye and I quickly got down the taxi.  Nice to meet you, Jihye  ^^  Hmm...actually I can walk to 올래국수 from my hotel. I thought of exploring this area before I fly off but unfortunately, I did not have the chance to do so.
My original plan was to visit 동문재래시장 Dongmun Traditional Market after hiking but I changed my mind. I was exhausted and all I wanted is to get back to the hotel for a good hot bath using my essential oil.

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