Thursday, 9 May 2013

9th April 2013 - Lousy pictures at 만장굴 Manjanggul

I reached the bus stop, "만장굴 Manjanggul cave" at 10.52am. The bus journey took about 50mins.  There are three choices to get to 만장굴 Manjanggul cave from this bus stop. 
  1. To wait for a bus but the bus interval is not frequent. 
  2. To walk for about 25mins. 
  3. To take a taxi.
I saw a taxi nearby and the taxi uncle asked if I wanted to go to 만장굴 Manjanggul cave.  He quoted me with a fare of KRW3000.  아주 비싼.  That's expensive becos I knew the taxi ride will take about 5 mins.
I realised there was another passenger after I got on the taxi. The passenger was also going to 만장굴 Manjanggul cave. Taxi uncle was smart becos he earned KRW6000 for one trip. He asked if we would like to book his taxi for city tour round the island. I did not know how to reply him but only to say, "괜찮아요."  He tried to persuade us but in a very friendly manner. 감사합니다 but I really wanted to explore Jeju Island on my own rather than booking a taxi. Oh, the passenger sharing the same taxi with me became my travel accompanion for the day and his name is George.

I hate to upload my pictures taken inside 만장굴 Manjanggul becos I only know how to take pictures in auto mode ㅎㅎㅎ  

It was dark, cold and wet in the cave.
 How I wish I can tour around the cave in brighter lights  ㅎㅎㅎ
You have to watch your steps becos the ground is slippery and uneven.
Wear a jacket cos even our friend from UK said it was cold inside the cave.

The ground.

The "wall"

Although I think I can better appreciate the place under brighter lightings, I still find its worth a trip here ^^ 

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