Wednesday, 15 May 2013

10th April 2013 - Slurp ^^

The itinerary for the day is hiking up 한라산 Hallasan via 영실 Yeongsil Trail. I contemplated for a long time between Yeongsil trail and Seongpanak trail when I planned my itinerary for this trip. Finally, I decided not be too greedy and overestimate my own stamina! ㅎㅎㅎ I chose Yeongsil trail becos it is known for its scenic trail. I went back to the eatery for my 콩나물국밥 Kongnamul Gukbap. Yeah...I couldn't get it off my mind. Hahahaaa.  Directions to the eatery as shown here.

I am not sure if I got this right. I think you have the option to indicate your preference of spiciness for your 콩나물국밥 Kongnamul Gukbap. Please correct me if I am wrong. 

1) 매운맛 - Spicy  
They used 청양고추 Chungyang gochu for this but I am not sure how spicy it will be.

2) 중간맛 - Medium Spicy 
I did not say how spicy I wanted my gukbap to be but there was no traces of chillies in my gukbap.  I did not notice this board when I  placed my order.  If I have noticed, I will choose 중간맛 (medium spicy) for my gukbap.  

3) 순한맛 - Mild 

Wowww...I was attracted to the egg.
Is the egg served as a 
반찬 banchan?
Do I eat it just like that?
Anyway, I ate it just like that.  It was a bit cold but delicious ^^

The 콩나물국밥 Kongnamul Gukbap was fantastic!
It contained chopped octopus, pork, kimchi, beansprouts and rice of course.
The soup was very nice.  Slurpppp....

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