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11th April 2013 - The reason why I want to come to 가시리

Take note!  
This post may bore you but I don't care.
This is the main reason for me to be here in April!
Below pictures are mainly YELLOW FLOWERS!!
Pictures are almost similiar!
So skip this post if you wanna do it right now! 

I requested the lady inside the ticket booth to call a taxi to get to 가시리 Gasiri. I only told her in my broken Korean "가시리 유채꽃" ie Gasiri rapeflowers and she understood what I want. I think that was becos Gasiri is one of the places in Jeju which is known for its pretty rapeflowers. As she confirmed the taxi for me, she also told me that the taxi fare is KRW15000. 좋아! As long as I can get there. 
Again, no vehicle number is given. Just wait around the ticket booth. They will signal to you when your taxi arrives. Mine arrived in about 5 mins. I got on the taxi at 11.11am. I wonder if I can catch the ferry for Udo Island at 12pm at the rate I am going....

Anyway, I can't remember which website that I saw, but it states that, 'From Jeju Bus Terminal, take a bus bound for Beonyeong-ro to Pyoseon.' The instruction is not clear so I email to KTO for directions to Gasiri from Pyoseon. Their email reply was prompt. Below is their reply for your reference, although I took a taxi from Sangumburi crater instead.

"You can take a intercity bus from Jeju Bus Terminal to go to Pyoseon. Bus fee would be W3,000. 

Which part of Pyoseon should I get off the bus? 

You get off Pyoseon myun office(표선면 사무소). 

What is the estimated time for the bus ride? 
It takes 1hour 43minutes. 

From Pyoseon, which direction should I take to see the rapeflower field? 
Take a taxi to Gasiri. It takes 31 minutes by taxi. Taxi fare would be W15,000. 

How should I reach Gasiri from Pyoseon?
It does not have bus. You can take a taxi."

Can't recall how long is the taxi journey.  About 15mins? 

Trying to capture the different cloud formations.ㄱㄱㄱ

I knew it is only a road but I still wanna come here. In fact, I looked forward to come after I saw the picture online. Although I spent less than 10 mins here, it contributes to the beautiful memories that I have of Jeju island. I wish I could spend more time here. From Skynews, I learnt that the road is 7km long. Wowww...Though I don't remember it as a 7km long road. The taxi uncle was really nice. He stopped at two different spots for me to take pictures even though I did not ask him to stop a second time. He also offer to take pictures for me. 정말 감사합니다 아저씨 ^^

My next stop was 우도 Udo Island and I have to take a ferry from 성산항 Seongsan Port. Just when I was worrying how to get to 성산항 Seongsan Port from Gasiri, the taxi uncle asked me where am I going after Gasiri. I told him 성산항 Seongsan Port. He said it will be difficult to take a taxi from Gasiri and he offered to take me there for KRW30000. Waa...the total fare(from Sangumburi crater to Gasiri and from Gasiri to Seongsan Port) will be KRW45000. Heck lah. Otherwise, how am I going to get to Seongsan Port? Actually, I misunderstood him. Let you know in my next post.

The taxi uncle was very nice. He was like a tour guide, introducing the places as we travelled along the road. Along the way, he stopped at this place and told me to check it out while he waited in his taxi. I have no idea what is this place all about and he couldn't explain to me as well, but I knew he wanted to show me another attraction of Jeju island.  

It looks like a residential to me, so I dare not step in any further. 

Saw this at the entrance as I made my way out.
Is this a place where the local specialty drink was made?
The surroundings looks like a folk village to me.

From The Korean Blog, I learnt that the tradition of Omegisul 오메기술 almost die out during the Japanese occupation and was revived in the folk village of Sungeup 성읍.
I just research on Sungeup 성읍. Oh gosh! Was the taxi uncle trying to show me Seongeup Folk Village 성읍민속마을?? I don't know if this place is part of Seongeup Folk Village, but I am so grateful to him and felt bad to come out of the place so fast ㅠㅠ I thought I had intruded someone's property...

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