Sunday, 7 July 2013

15th April 2013 - 양념갈비 와 삼겹살 for dinner at Myeongdong

A few of my friends happened to be in Seoul, so I met up with one of them, Lin for dinner. Brought her to this restaurant in front of Nana Residence becos I was washing some clothing in the laundry room when she called me. 
Korean BBQ ^^

We ordered 양념갈비 and 삼겹살.
 We liked 양념갈비 more than 삼겹살 Samgyeopsal and felt that this serving was too little!!

삼겹살 Samgyeopsal.  

We wanted to order another serving of 양념갈비 and was glad that we did not becos the seafood pancake was very filling.  

The staff were very friendly but I do not recommend this place becos I find it too touristy and expensive. You can easily get delicious Korean BBQ in Seoul at a cheaper price.  

Ling followed me to Lotte Mart at Seoul Station after our dinner.
Saw this in Lotte Mart but we could eat no more...*Burp

재, I forgot to buy this!
Ah Pau told me the only place in Singapore that sell Cherry Coke was Mustafa Centre.

I think some people do not like the taste as it tastes like medicine.

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