Wednesday, 17 July 2013

18th April 2013 - Unexpected hair cut

After a superb brunch at The Baker's Table, I took the subway to Hapjeong station, exit 3 for 바우하우스 Bauhaus Dog café. Another friend of mine, Emily just arrived in Seoul and we met up at exit 3 to check out the cafe together. Come to think of it. This trip back to my second home was like a gathering with my SG friends...!

From exit 3, make a 180 degree turn to your right and you will see this building.
Saw the signage?

I walked into the building but Bauhaus Dog Cafe is not inside the building. 

It is located at B1, so I took the stairs down to B1.

Bauhaus Dog café is actually located at the corner of the building.

평일 Weekdays : 1.30pm ~11pm
주말 공휴일 Weekends/Holidays : 12.30pm ~ 11pm
Oh, they are open all year round including PH.
It was 1pm then.  

Another 30mins before it opens, so we decided to walk around the vicinity.

There were some restaurants and cafes in the area.

A kind of display or to be disposed?

Weird looking display but this cafe caught my attention.
I may check it out in my next trip.

Only five tables in the cafe?

Emily wanted a hair cut, so since we have time, why not.

Is this the standard price for all length?
You can request your choice of beverage as you do your hair.
We didn't request though.

I felt the youthful vibes as I stepped into the salon.좋아 ^^

Guess what...I ended up having a hair cut as well. Never thought of having a hair cut becos I just had a hair cut in SG. My hairstylist is 민석. I didn't expect much from him since I just cut my hair but 민석 did a good job ^^ In fact, both Emily and I were very pleased with our hair stylists and new hair cut.
We agreed that they are probably the most gentle hairstylists whom we ever came across. Very gentle and good. By the way, 민석 said a reservation is required. Yes, I will be back again in my next trip (If I can locate the salon again) Hahahaa

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