Sunday, 21 July 2013

19th April 2013 - A visit to 성균관대학교 Sungkyunkwan University

After a good breakfast at Dunkin Donuts, I walked over to exit 4 for Sungkyunkwan University 성균관대학. I think I turned left and walked straight down this shopping alley.

Aiyoooooo!!!! Why is he sooooo cuteeeee????????!!!!
This little boy popped out of nowhere when I was in a shop. 
 The shop owner told him to 인사, little boy bowed and said, "안녕하세요".
아이고 너무 귀 엽...Can I bring him back to Singapore???

From the shopping alley, walk straight till you reach this big traffic junction.
 Get across to the place shown by the arrow.

Reached ^^
After crossing the traffic junction, walk straight for about 2 mins and you will see this gate on your left.

Waaa...did not expect to see cherry blossom here ^^
오모!! There's more cherry blossoms!

It was only a small lane with cherry blossom but good enough to make my day ^^

The campus comprised of modern and traditional buildings. 

Simply adore this little bunch of flowers on this bare tree trunk.
What a contrast of life.

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