Wednesday, 24 July 2013

20th April 2013 - Dinner at 새마을식당

I met up with Emily for dinner at 새마을식당 New Village Restaurant as her friend need to attend to some matters.

No worries if you do not understand these.
The menu is in Korean and English ^^

Big plastic bags are provided.
No worries of getting the bbq smell on your bags or jackets ^^

I think this is their popular dish, 열탄불고기 and true enough, it was so good!!

Another popular dish.
I wonder why they call this 7 분돼지김치.
It was cooked within 7 mins???
Anyway, this is also my favourite although they used fatty pork to cook this. *Guilty

I mix the shredded seaweed and kimchi jjigae together with the rice. 
Omgg!! Perfect combination!!  Its so yummy!!!
Can I have another bowl of rice?????? 
I can never go on diet in Korea!!!!

Everything tasted so yummy!! 

And its sooooo cheap!!!
You will never get this price in SG!

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